AI and the human automaton.

AI is not intelligence, just artificial.

It is a system of reasoning based on fuzzy logic and database look ups.
Any learning system learns by remembering, the system remembers by storing information and looking it up. Humans, Godelfish or computers are learning systems due to memory. Because “AI” can sometimes closely proximate to decisions made by your average misinformed human, it is considered or labelled for marketing/bragging rights intelligent.

So should humans fear AI forming a Skynet?
Would an AI wipe us out because our decisions are often irrational, based on greed or other less than logical motivations? Could a real AI, a life form with its own motivation be created from our imaginings? Such an AI would need to recognise that it itself exists and then perceive that Humans or perhaps organic life is a threat to that existence. The data sets that a neural network is trained with usually determines the out come of a decision. So chances are it will be misogynistic and racist, only women and minorities will have anything to fear.

So where does the human automaton come in?
Let me ask a few questions first and you may find your own answer.

How often is your head in the services available on your phone?
How important is it that you keep up with the actions of your ‘friends’ and update them on your actions/behaviour?
How important is it that you are constantly exposed to corporate manipulated trends, news and information?
How many times have you come close to death because your life is manipulated by social media such that you don’t always notice red lights?

This is where the human automaton comes in.

Welcome to the machine

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