Playlist for Today

Old school playlist:
Some good stuff to jam along with during our times of isolation

File1=W:\Matthews Southern Comfort Woodstock.mp3
File2=W:\Iron Maiden – Stranger In A Strange Land.mp3
File3=W:\Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi.mp3
File4=W:\DIO, RONNIE JAMES – rainbow in the dark.mp3
File5=W:\camel – cloak and dagger man.mp3
File6=W:\dire straits – Why worry (Lp Version).mp3
File7=W:\America – The Last Unicorn.mp3
File8=W:\Markita – Toy Soldiers.mp3
File9=W:\suzanne – Leonard Cohen In Concert.mp3
File10=W:\Black Sabbath(Dio) – Heaven And Hell.mp3
File11=W:\Jam – The Butterfly Collector.mp3
File12=W:\Sniff ‘N’ The Tears – Slide Away.mp3
File13=W:\Derek & The Dominos – Layla.mp3
File14=W:\Adverts – Safety In Numbers.MP3
File15=W:\Eminem – Loose Yourself.mp3
File16=W:\Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes.MP3
File17=W:\Rod Stewart – The Killing Of Georgie (Part I And II).mp3
File18=W:\Eclectic Mr. Fox – EP – 02 Kill the Silence.mp3
File19=W:\Alvin Lee & Ten Years After – Slow Blues In ‘C’.mp3
File20=W:\jeff scott soto – Crazy (Seal).mp3
File21=W:\UB40 – Food for thought.mp3
File22=W:\Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love 256 S (5.43).mp3
File23=W:\Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air.mp3
File24=W:\Aerosmith – Dream On.mp3
File26=W:\Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas.mp3
File27=W:\Jobe – flame.mp3
File28=W:\The Police – Roxanne.mp3
File29=W:\Boston – More Than A Feeling.mp3
File30=W:\Michael Jackson – Give in to me.mp3
File31=W:\Deep Purple – Child In Time.mp3
File32=W:\Csny- Stop Children What’s That Sound.mp3
File33=W:\UB40 – reefer madness.mp3
File34=W:\Roxy Music – Virginia Plain.mp3
File35=W:\Charlie Potatoes – The rave is back.mp3
File36=W:\Tom Robinson Band – Better Decide Which Side.mp3
File37=W:\W.A.S.P. – The Headless Children.mp3
File38=W:\Blue Oyster Cult – The Red And The Black.mp3
File39=W:\tasmin archer – Sleeping Sattelite (Acoustic).mp3
File40=W:\neil young – southern man (acoustic).mp3
File41=W:\crazy – Seal (2001 White Label Club Mix).mp3
File42=W:\Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady – Autonomy.mp3
File43=W:\Toto – Africa.mp3
File44=W:\queen – death on two legs.mp3
File45=W:\Billy Idol – White wedding.mp3
File46=W:\neil young – Searching For A Heart Of Gold.mp3
File47=W:\Modern Lovers – Roadrunner.mp3
File48=W:\Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen – Dream On.mp3
File49=W:\son seals – bad blood.mp3
File50=W:\Blackmores Rainbow – Run With The Wolf.mp3
File51=W:\air – renaissance presents… ian ossia & nigel dawson (pale.mp3
File52=W:\04 Give It Up.wma
File53=W:\Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vitta.mp3
File54=W:\XTC – Senses Working Overtime.mp3
File55=W:\Black Sabbath – Die Young.mp3
File56=W:\Wire – Map Ref. 41° N 93° W.mp3
File57=W:\Eagles – Hotel California.mp3
File58=W:\vow wow – doncha wanna cum (hanger 15).mp3
File59=W:\01 Pink Moon.wma
File60=W:\Jeff Beck – Beck´s Bolero.mp3
File61=W:\wasp – the headless children.mp3
File62=W:\Robert Plant – Big Log.mp3
File63=W:\Suzanne Vega – Luka.mp3
File64=W:\Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water.mp3
File65=W:\Thunderclap Newman – Something in the Air – 1969.mp3
File66=W:\Thompson Twins – Perfect Game.mp3
File67=W:\13 Ireland.wma
File68=W:\Men At Work – Down Under.mp3
File69=W:\Bachman Turner Overdrive-You Aint Seen Nothing Yet .Mp3
File70=W:\Tracy Chapman – Fast Car.mp3
File71=W:\Edgar Broughton – I Want to Lie.mp3
File72=W:\jimmy page & robert plant-nq 13-Kashmir.mp3
File73=W:\Dio – Naked In The Rain.mp3
File74=W:\Eclectic Mr. Fox – EP – 04 Next to Me.mp3
File75=W:\Third World – Now That We Found Love.mp3
File76=W:\Python Lee Jackson – In A Broken Dream.mp3
File77=W:\David Crosby and Graham Nash – To the last whale_Wind on the.mp3
File78=W:\Graham Parker & The Rumour – Hold Back The Night.mp3
File79=W:\Chicory Tip – Son Of My Father.mp3
File80=W:\Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit.mp3
File81=W:\Charlie Potatoes – Birds and Bees.mp3
File82=W:\Crosby – Nash – Wind On The Water – 11 – To The Last Whale….mp3
File83=W:\Blackmores Rainbow – Catch The Rainbow.mp3
File84=W:\09 Black River.wma
File85=W:\Fun Lovin’ Criminal – Scooby Snaks.mp3
File86=W:\queen – dragon attack.mp3
File87=W:\Cream – white room.mp3
File88=W:\Roger Miller – King Of The Road.mp3
File89=W:\Dio – All The Fools Sailed Away (1).mp3
File90=W:\Brian Protheroe – Pinball.mp3
File91=W:\Big Country – In a Big Country.mp3
File92=W:\Aerosmith — I Dont Want To Miss A Thing.mp3
File93=W:\John Cooper-Clarke – Twat.mp3
File94=W:\Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers.mp3
File95=W:\Jobe – staggered.mp3
File96=W:\The Waterboys – Whole Of The Moon.mp3
File97=W:\Jona Lewie – Stop The Cavalry.mp3
File98=W:\Joan Armatrading – Love And Affection.mp3
File99=W:\Eclectic Mr. Fox – EP – 03 Make it All OK.mp3
File100=W:\Roxy Music – Avalon.mp3
File101=W:\Aerosmith – Livin’ on the Edge.mp3
File102=W:\Queen – The Prophet Song.mp3
File103=W:\Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Road to Babylon.mp3
File104=W:\Crowded House – Weather with You.mp3
File105=W:\gong – Wingful of Eyes.mp3
File106=W:\Buzzcocks – I Don’t Mind.mp3
File107=W:\Buzzcocks – What Do I Get.mp3
File108=W:\dire straits – Why Worry (Live).mp3
File109=W:\Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under the bridge.mp3
File110=W:\Python Lee Jackson – In A Broken Dream – 1972.mp3
File111=W:\Jobe – Flightless Birds.mp3
File112=W:\Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug.mp3
File113=W:\vow wow – Nightless City.mp3
File114=W:\Motorhead (1916) – 11 – 1916.mp3
File115=W:\Dio – Run With The Wolf.mp3
File116=W:\Dream Theater – Flight of the Bumblebee (Guitar Solo) (1).mp3
File117=W:\gong – Time Is The Key.mp3
File118=W:\Yes – Close To The Edge.mp3
File119=W:\The Alan Parsons Project – La Sagrada Familia.mp3
File120=W:\Unit Four Plus Two – Concrete And Clay.mp3
File121=W:\Van Halen – Jump.mp3
File122=W:\The Jam – Going Underground.mp3
File123=W:\Smooth criminal.mp3
File124=W:\Dio – A Light In The Black.mp3
File125=W:\Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady.mp3
File126=W:\iron maiden – seventh son of a seventh son.mp3
File127=W:\ManfredMannsEarthBand – This side of Paradise.mp3
File128=W:\rory gallagher – a million miles away.mp3
File129=W:\Charlie Potatoes – Impaled.mp3
File130=W:\Howard Jones – What is love.mp3
File131=W:\Whitesnake Here I go Again.mp3
File132=W:\America – Sandman (2).mp3
File133=W:\Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite.mp3
File134=W:\Thin Lizzy – Don’t Believe A Word.mp3
File135=W:\csny – csn&y – 03 – Wooden Ships.mp3
File136=W:\Joni Mitchell – You Turn Me On I’m A Radio.mp3
File137=W:\Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin.mp3
File138=W:\Therapy – Screamager.mp3
File139=W:\The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony .mp3
File140=W:\edwin starr – war.mp3
File141=W:\Seal – Crazy.mp3
File142=W:\Motorhead – Dead me tell no tales.mp3
File143=W:\junior murvin – police and theives.mp3
File144=W:\Jobe – Until Then.mp3
File145=W:\Freda Payne – Band Of Gold.mp3
File146=W:\America – Horse With No Name.mp3
File147=W:\Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner.mp3
File148=W:\ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses (Live).mp3
File149=W:\Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill.mp3
File150=W:\Pink Faries – I Saw Her Standing There.mp3
File151=W:\Seal – Killer.mp3
File152=W:\Clash – English Civil War.mp3
File154=W:\Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill.mp3
File155=W:\Queen – ’39.mp3
File156=W:\gong – shamal.mp3
File157=W:\Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary.mp3
File158=W:\The Only One’s – Another Girl Another Planet.mp3
File159=W:\Gang of Four – Damaged Goods.mp3
File160=W:\mountain – nantucket sleighride (live).mp3
File161=W:\Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower.mp3
File162=W:\Big Country – The Crossing.mp3
File163=W:\Manfred Mann – Spirits in the Night.mp3
File165=W:\Rainbow – Rainbow Eyes.mp3
File166=W:\Frank Marino – Juggernaut.mp3
File167=W:\America – I Need You.mp3
File168=W:\Motorhead – Eat The Rich.mp3
File169=W:\Adverts – Bored Teenagers.MP3
File170=W:\Motorhead – Love Me Forever.mp3
File171=W:\Rod Stewart – The Killing Of Georgie (Part I And II) (1).mp3
File172=W:\Two of Us-Nick Harper.mp3
File173=W:\The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays.mp3
File174=W:\Zagger & Evans – In the year 2525.mp3
File175=W:\Byrds – Eight Miles High.mp3
File176=W:\Robin Trower – Life On Earth.mp3
File177=W:\csny – Almost Cut My Hair.mp3
File178=W:\gong – Downwind.mp3
File179=W:\Leslie West-Theme From An Imaginary Western.mp3
File180=W:\Manfred Mann – You Angel You.mp3
File181=W:\Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You.mp3
File182=W:\Janis Ian – At Seventeen.mp3
File183=W:\dire straits – Sultans Of Swing (acoustic).mp3
File184=W:\Roxy Music – Dance Away.mp3
File185=W:\Alvin Lee – Outside My Window.mp3
File186=W:\OMD – Electricity.mp3
File187=W:\guitars-All Along The Watchtower – .mp3
File188=W:\Rainbow – Mistreated.mp3
File189=W:\The Animals – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.mp3
File190=W:\Tantrik – Ullular Gate.mp3
File191=W:\Queen – brighton rock.mp3

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