8-58 mad forever?

I ain’t for my ass doin’ of no simple lame ass dissin’ if ya think that be my mission den ma point is what ya missin’.
Isolatin’ from an illness is now what we physically doin’ tho we been isolated mentally by lies that we been feeded.
By meja we are taught our gods and learn to bend before them. Apple, Google, Nike, Microsoft will fsck u in a moment.
Yea I grumpy I is old I been fighting bullshit for too long and if you think I lame ass dick, I leave you alone go live with it.

Now I know where I went wrong I tried to sow my seed was strong. But fallow ground to which I prayed just caused more pain and pain and pain.
I have embraced insanity cos what I got ya gave to me. But I won’t kneel down on the ground or look your way to make you proud.
I just a bitch like you are bro and what you reap you surely sow. I just been reaping far to long the outfall from anothers’ song.
Here is my hand here is my heart we place a trust and make a start. I wasn’t born just yesterday lines on my face hard to betray.

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