AI and the human automaton.

AI is not artificial intelligence, it is a system of reasoning based on fuzzy logic and database look ups.
Any learning system learns by remembering, it remembers by storing information and looking it up. (humans, godelfish 😉 and computers alike)

AI is clever coding it is artificial but it is not intelligent. Because it can sometimes closely proximate to decisions made by your average misinformed human, it can save on labour cost. Hence AI becomes a marketing buzzword.

So should humans fear AI forming a Skynet?
Would an AI wipe us out because our decisions are often based on emotion and not logic? Computers only understand order and logic and our human behaviour maybe perceived as a threat. This might frighten a true AI and fear can cause irrational decisions.

So where does the human automaton come in?
Let me ask a few questions first and you may find your own answer.

How often is your head in the services available on your phone?
How important is it that you keep up with the actions of your ‘friends’ and update them on your actions/behaviour?
How important is it that you are constantly exposed to corporate manipulated trends, news and information?

This is where the human automaton comes in.

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