Hello 🙂

I am a cynical old bastard that has been about a bit. I first came across computers in 1983, I have been messing with them ever since. I still don’t know anything about them. I went through a lot of shit as a kid hence the cynicism, I don’t give trust easily and I have a do it yourself mentality to most things, open heart surgery being an exception.

I was conditioned to fear a god as a child, this was damaging. I was afraid to explore my humanity, my instinctive feelings and emotions, I was even scared to touch myself. I was being watched and I would be punished if I didn’t obey the rules.

It wasn’t until my mid teens that I realised that gods are a creation of the human mind, do not actually exist and that religion is just a framework of behavioural guidelines, a system of control.

I guess this is why I can be so vociferous about religion. It stole many years of my life when I could have been learning how to become wise. I get angry because parents continue to mentally abuse their children this way.

There are no rules, only consequences. Everything you read and everything you hear from another human is the product of a human mind and there is always an agenda.

If you allow empathy to guide you, perhaps you may find a point to this existence. You won’t find it in a book of rules.

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