Hello 🙂

I am a cynical old bastard that has been about a bit. I first came across computers in 1983, I have been messing with them ever since. I went through a lot of shit as a kid hence the cynicism, I don’t give trust easily and I have a do it yourself mentality.

I was conditioned to fear a god as a child, this was damaging. I was scared to do and think anything. I was being watched and I would be punished if I did not comply. It wasn’t until my late teens/early twenties that I realised that gods are a creation of the human mind, do not actually exist and that religion is just another way to control the masses.

I do have faith and I will argue for my own philosophy and belief system above others. Please do not confuse faith and religion. Faith is a trust in what one believes to be true, I can’t see much truth in religion. However, my faith could be based on delusion too.

The bottom line is that I want to be friends with everyone, we are all here together sharing this planet after all. Unfortunately life experience has taught me cynicism and mistrust. There are a lot of broken people out there. I give what I get, I give respect first.

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