Attack the argument not the person:
Not everyone has yet realised that their beliefs are based on what they have been exposed to and not necessarily reality. People hold a passion for what they were raised to believe. Respect that passion and the person, even if you think they are deluded.

For the less able to grasp empathy this means do not express personal insults and threats, this will not be tolerated. You will be blocked from any further contribution to any part of this website. If you threaten any contributor your threats may be reported to law enforcement agencies in your jurisdiction.

Be nice, try to understand others, none of us can help the way we think. Some of us cannot help the way we act. Our sense of right and wrong has been shaped by the societal structure in which we were nurtured to adulthood.

All I know is that I would rather share a hug than the edge of a blade.

Do not post offensive material:
Now what is offensive? Again a person being offended by something is related to the environment or culture in which they were raised. One would hope that there are something’s that most humans, if not all, will agree on as being offensive.

Posts are moderated, if you post what is considered offensive by propergander you will be warned once only.
Subsequent posts may be reported to your local law enforcement agency/dictator/Iman or other arbiter of right/wrong.

Critical argument is always better at finding the truth than censorship. If you link to anything that is deemed illegal by UK & European law, your links will be censored and you may be reported to the relevant authorities.

I experience all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and attitudes whilst interacting with humans and belive me, some of you are offensive to my eyes, others offensive to my intellect. And some of you need some serious fixing. The bottom line is all I see is living enitities like myself. We are product of so many forming factors beyond our control that we live a life of insecure reaction. Like me, you ain’t right just cos you think so.