Irrelevant – That which one does not need to know.

During my formative years some words of advice were spoken. I didn’t realise it was advice at the time, I was too young.

It took a very long time to also realise that these words were something more than advice.

Those words that at the time seemed to describe a simple way to avoid conflict in ones local community. A way of behaviour confined to the circles of people one met and spoke with so we could just get along and accept each other.

Now with the advent of global communication, social media, networking, people wanting to be noticed. And the activities of shallow, soulless non entities setting trends, those words reach much deeper than I ever imagined when as a child I first heard them.

Those words I quote here: “If ya don’t have something nice to say about someone. Keep ya mouth shut”

For those who haven’t got it yet:
I guess it could be interpreted this way: It’s not so much about what one objects to as what one encourages by making it noticed.
For the current generation, I suggest they interpret it this way: Don’t share the shit.

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