I received a telephone call from "Internet Control" a few months ago. A man with a thick Indian accent identifying himself as Fred told me my computer was sending out messages to the Internet. “What messages” I asked. He went on to tell me my computer was heavily infected with viruses. He directed me to open a couple of windows system folders; inf and prefetch and told me all the files in those folders were viruses.

(They are not viruses they are required Windows system files).
Well, in the interest of research I played him along for a full hour, he wanted me to install software so he could connect to my PC. So I installed the software on a virtual machine, he connected remotely and showed me Windows files telling me they were viruses.

The point of his call was to get me to part with upto £260 for a support service (virus removal and operating system repair) that wasn’t needed.

I agreed to buy the support package and he directed me to a When it came to payment, he was not a happy bunny when I told him I was an IT professional and voiced my opinion on his scam and told him I would be reporting the incident to the police.

Be warned, anyone telephoning you about your PC being infected and sending out messages is a lying salesman selling snake oil.

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