Have you ever though about where your own personal code of conduct comes from? Your moral compass, so to speak. Ones own sense of right and wrong. For a majority of people those rules of behaviour come from books, some written thousands of years ago. Who wrote those books and why?

Books of rules and laws are usually commissioned by whomever has the loudest voice, the greatest amount of power and instils the greatest amount of respect or fear in the populace. Books of rules are written for the convenience of the commissioner.

My book of rules as a child was a religious one. Between the contents of the book and my parents teachings by the time I was ten my mind was broken. I was in fear, frightened to expand my understanding of the world or experiment because I was being watched constantly by the creator and would be punished if I did not follow the rules. I was in a box with the lid firmly closed.

I got lucky or I have a bullshit detector gene or perhaps someone that I trusted opened my box. Whatever the case by the time I was thirteen I was asking questions and the answers I was given made no sense. There was no proof, the answers were based on something called faith. It did not really strike me until I was around fourteen what this meant, so firmly was I entrenched in my parents indoctrination.

Answers or statements that make no sense and have no proof, are for all but the most intellectually challenged or stubborn, easy to dismiss. Faith is the decider. Faith is that which allows one to suspend critical thought and ignore logic to allow  a more comfortable delusion.

There are no rules, there are no laws, there is no morality. These things like gods are human constructs. And although such concepts are old and may seem timeless, they were only invented some millennia ago. They have been modified over time to suit the needs and desires of the most powerful.

From observation and not over looking the obvious, I am sure that we humans are a social species. I am also sure that if it wasn’t for the belief in conflicting interpretations of the words inside old books of rules we humans would get along just fine.

Books are simply books, law books, scripture or fairy tales. They were written with an agenda. And as each writer has a different agenda one finds a great deal of contradiction.

Scripture leaves itself so open to interpretation that humans kill each over different interpretations of the same book. This would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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