Drink drivers make me so angry. They can inflict significant pain and financial hardship on their victims. Yet they often get a fine of a couple of hundred pounds, some hours of community service or unpaid work and a 12-24 month driving ban.

The victims may be severely traumatised, out of work for months and forced to live of their savings. Be so badly damaged they can no longer pursue that which made life for then worth living. And may be so traumatised as to be afraid to ever drive again. The punishment for drink driving is pathetic.

A drink driving ban should be a minimum of five years. The drunk driver should reimburse the victim of all costs relating to the incident. The earnings lost by the victim whilst recovering should be paid by the drunk. The health care costs and any expense incurred by the victim directly due to the incident should be paid by the drunk. These fuckers get away with murder. Drink driving is a choice.

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