loud advertising

I seldom watch live television for a simple reason: Advertising or television commercials. I find most advertising objectionable. If I want something I would look for it. I don’t want nor need information about products I haven’t the slightest interest in pushed in my face.

I can accept that free to air channels like those on Freeview are financed by advertising. However if I paid a monthly subscription for TV, I would object strongly to having Commercials shoved into my eyes and ears. but that’s another subject.

What I find really find objectionable about television commercials is the sudden increase in volume when the program sponsor message appears and the increase in volume continues all the way the the advertising segment until the programme resumes. This is so annoying. Because of this annoyance I record television and skip the advertising. I reach for the mute button, then fast forward, any sane person would. The desire for advertisers to be heard, to get my attention has exactly the opposite effect.

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