“Yeah, you only think that”… She was right of course, I do think, I think often.

Whenever any kind of event occurs in my life I form a thought. If the sun makes me squint my eyes, I think I should not look at it. If the rain and wind on my face feels uncomfortable I think that should seek shelter. If my tummy rumbles, I think I am hungry.

When I step into my garden on a summers day why do I think the sky is blue?
Is it because it is blue, is it because I read a book that told me it was blue? Is it because I have to accept it as blue and not say otherwise regardless of what I think for fear of punishment from an omnipotent entity? Or it because everyone else agrees that the sky looks the same to almost everyone?

Humans think often, well some of the smarter ones do, many just do whatever is expected by those that shaped their minds.

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