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I have noticed over the past few years a profligation of charity organisations flooding day time television in the UK with advertising. The images are designed to provoke, shock and evoke an emotional response. They are upsetting in the extreme. And who but the most heartless cannot be moved by video footage of starving children, abused animals and our fellow humans suffering from life threatening illness or disease?

The rise in such charities made me think that perhaps charity is not the sole motivation and there maybe profit here. Are some of these charities really just a business front making a handful of people wealthy whilst giving the minimum required to the cause they claim to support? Where do all the donations go? How many hands do your donations pass through? How much of your donation gets to the right place and helps those with genuine need? How effective are these charities?

If you are unsure and care to find out, there are a handful of organisations that will help you to choose which charities do the most good for your donation. Not all charities can be evaluated, some are huge and tracing where all the money goes is a complex, mammoth task. I have listed here three organisations that may help you decide which charities will put your donation where you want it to go:

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